Halo Nevus

A little over a year ago while on vacation, I realized the skin around a mole on my right temple did not tan. In fact, there was a perfect circle of untanned skin. The mole itself had not changed so I wasn't too concerned. However, after doing some extensive Googling of the matter, I found out it was a halo nevus. And like the name suggests, a halo nevus is "a mole that is pink or brown surrounded by round, symmetric depigmented area, or a halo."

So while we were still living in Atlanta, I went and had it checked out. Yes, indeed it was confirmed as a halo nevus (thanks Google). My doctor suggested I have a small part of it biopsied just to be on the safe side. Well I made the appointment but a few days before it, the doctor's office called to reschedule. I totally chickened out and did not make another appointment, I mean seriously people, this is my FACE we are talking about. Knives and sharp implements coming towards my eyeball! I can handle just about anything, I mean I'm GREAT when nurses take my blood, but I had serious issues with getting this thing biopsied. So I ignored the whole thing for a few months.

Fast forward to this July. The same July where my house was turned upside down pending our upcoming move to CO. The same July where I was leaving my job and saying goodbye to friends. And it was the very same July that my mole finally changed. Some night between cleaning, packing and pure exhaustion I took a shower, and when I got out Mat was there and he looked at me and said, "you're bleeding, your face, you're bleeding." I touched my head where he was pointing, the place where my mole was, and indeed there was blood. Completely freaked out at this point I looked in the mirror. No longer was there a relatively decent sized raised brown mole. Instead, there was a much smaller flat pink mole. What! This is a mole I have had my entire life and here it was disappearing right before my eyes!

Since at this point I had already left my job and Mathew hadn't started his new one yet, I decided to keep an eye on it until I got to CO and then as soon as we got insurance I was getting it looked at again… and by "looked at" I mean REMOVED. I found a great doctor after we got settled out here and on Tuesday this week I had it removed. I was pretty petrified having a knife so close to my eye and temple, but it was incredibly easy once they numbed me. I get the results in a week or so, but considering I've had two benign ones in the past I am very optimistic.

Lessons Learned: Don't procrastinate anything when it comes to your health. It's easy to do (I'm a pro at it). 

UPDATE: It was benign! :)

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