Anniversary v4.0

Well that's us. 12 years ago. Young & crazy. So in honor of our anniversary here's a little retrospective on how we got here…

( Falmouth, MA - 1997 )

Ah, the early years. They were pretty much spent chatting about all things artsy while consuming inhuman amounts of Dr. Pepper - to the point I'm sure it would have flowed freely from our veins with even the slightest of paper cuts. The early days were also marked by extremely long distances & family feuds, but we toughed it out and eventually distances grew shorter and families came together. WooHoo!

After we met, I still had a year of high school to finish (in TN) and Mat moved from MA to GA and went to GA Tech. Although he was closer, we only saw each other every other weekend via bus trips (I lovingly refer to this time as the greyhound days).

The greyhound day weekends were never long enough, but we spent them painting, at the symphony or at the local coffee house where he taught me how to play chess. I actually got pretty good and beat him a few times fair & square.

( Atlanta, GA - 1997 )

In the fall of '97, I took a little trip down to Atlanta to visit him at Tech. My most favorite-of-favorite memories from that weekend was staying up all night with our friend Carl wandering the campus and then watching the sunrise over the Atlanta skyline. Several years later I would end up working in the ATL just a mile from that campus.

( Nashville, TN - 1998 )

The following summer, Mat & Carl attended my graduation and we spent most of that summer working and getting ready to go to SCAD.

( Savannah, GA - between work & more work )

The SCAD years. Frankly, college is a little bit of a blur. I wish I could say it was because of all the drinking, but that wouldn't be true. Nope, college was work… hard work. If we weren't in class, in the studio, at home cranking on a project, then I was working retail and he was working as a computer geek for a crazy little company. On days we could get away from the grind, we would drive over the marshes and head to the beach. I miss living near the ocean, and I hope one day we can make the coast home again.

( the tree with our initials & dates )

On Memorial Day '00 we happened to be in Falmouth, MA back at the tree where we shared our first kiss in '97 (awwww so sweet). Years before, we had etched that day on the tree along with our initials and every subsequent visit to the tree was also added. That day in '00 turned out to be extra special too… it was the day he proposed (date not pictured, but it's there). We had gone full circle at that tree. From first kisses to our engagement. And since it had already been 4 years, and clearly we weren't in a hurry, we decided to wait until after college to set a wedding date… so on we went.

During that Spring we had been toying with the idea of quitting our jobs and starting our own design company, so that's exactly what we did. In June of '00 we started seriphDesign and it was awesome. No retail, no crazy bosses in sight AND it paid the bills. We had several local clients, office space and extra "real world" projects to add to our portfolios. Truly a win win win.

( when they were kittens and could fit in sinks & 12-packs. left-cleo, right:suki )

The next month brought another big change for us. In July, we rescued & adopted Suki & Cleo. We still have them and you can see them all grown up here. They continually remind us they can still have fun & they still enjoy getting into trouble. Freaks.

( Savannah, GA - 2002 )

Fast forward two years to graduation - we made it! We both graduated summa cum laude and it was extra special to share that day together. In fact, I think that was the first time both of our families had really been together for an extended period of time. And no one killed each other. Impressive.

After graduation, we moved to Atlanta, worked, met new friends and finally set that wedding date! On May 1, 2004 we were married in Nashville, TN at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. I have a few pics here.

( Rocky Mountain National Park - 2008 )

And here we are four years later, living in CO and celebrating anniversary v4.0. We decided to get away for a few days so we rented a cottage in the mountains and celebrated Rocky Mountain National Park style…with elk of course.

( Anniversary v4.0 - 2008 )

I wanted to do something a little special & secretive for Mathew, so I had a cake made for us. It was delicious and I thank Kim over at for making it absolutely perfect and I look forward to many more cakes & anniversaries!

It's been a wild ride full of twists and turns, but that's what makes the adventure fun, and I'm happy to be on that ride with a wonderful man I call my husband and best friend.

(I admit, it has taken several weeks to get this post done for one reason or another, but mainly because a long trip down memory lane takes a while. At least next year I only have to recap 12 months instead of 12 years.)

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