Just A Girl & Her Camera

The picture of the little girl there is me in first grade. I actually remember that day because it was the first time I had ever brought a camera to school. I took pictures of my friends and got the whole class together for a shot too. With the exception that some people's heads were cut off - it wasn't half bad… hell, I was only 6. I'm not sure who took this one of me, but it's one of my favorites - mainly because in second grade my mother cut my hair "boy short" and it all went downhill from there. I had an interesting photographic childhood since my dad was the photographer in the family. Thanks dad for all those shots of me with poofy hair & glasses. :)

For most of my adolescent & adult life I've hated being in front of a camera. Let's face it, I'm still not fond of it. I much prefer the space occupied behind the lens.

And let's all thank the inventors of good hair products & contact lenses. Yes, we owe them a lot.

San Francisco

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