Office + Website Makeover

When Mathew and I were house hunting for our CO home, the only thing I really really REALLY wanted was an office space on the main floor since it's where I spend most of my time. In previous homes, I had spent an enormous amount of time working in various "office bedroom" setups and frankly I had reached my limit. And though we inherited several rooms in our new home with questionable wallpaper schemes & paint colors, we saw beyond the surface to the beautiful gem underneath. And boy did we get lucky. Welcome to the new home of Little Leaf Studios!

before: beige room with green wall + green & gold curtains


after: bright & cheerful! I need curtains but I haven't found the right ones yet. Any suggestions??


my Marie Antoinette find from Etsy now has a proper home


the fireplace is double sided to the living room


BluLima prints from Etsy


my favorite show, The Office


Suki approves of the new look


Going Back in Time

Newborn Photography / Maribelle