Mud Bogging & Rainbows

Well I fell behind posting last week, so I'm cheating and backdating this post (and probably the next one too) to round out my week of Spring/Summer 09.

This year Colorado saw numerous afternoons of bad weather that spawned tornados all over the state. And while I didn't see a tornado, I heard my fair share of tornado sirens (it's an unmistakable eerie sound) and I did get caught in some hail storms. Mom was still in town when we had another round of storms come through and I caught her sitting in the front yard planting flowers when she asked "what is that sound?" Mom, that would be a tornado siren, GET UP! If you look really hard in the first picture you can see her reflection in the window looking out at a cloud that looked like it was opening up and shooting a laser of light… kind of creepy. Clouds (especially weird looking ones) facinate me. Maybe it's becuase back in Atlanta I worked at The Weather Channel for a while.


You can almost guarantee if a storm rolls through here in the afternoon and then it gets sunny, there will be a rainbow. It was almost predictible this year. I waited out countless rainy afternoon showers, hail & thunder just to get to the rainbow I knew would be there.


One afternoon, I realized the rainbow that formed was pretty close to my house and it was AMAZINGLY BRIGHT & HUGE. I truly had never seen one quite like it. I immediately grabbed my camera and started driving east towards the resevoir across the street. And in the back of my mind I kept thinking 'this paved road changes to dirt up here and that was a lot of rain that just moved through.' So I reached the edge of the pavement and decided it didn't look so bad AND I have 4WD. It'll be fine! And it was. I chased the double rainbow down the dirt road and up a hill and down by some train tracks. It was beautiful.


Rainbows hold a very special place in my heart. They remind me of my grandpa, Charles. He passed away when I was 9 and I have very few clear memories of him, but my favorite involves being hoisted up into his arms as he points to a faint rainbow in the sky. I think that's a great memory to have and I'm glad it's mine.


Later that night when Mathew got home the first thing he asked me was if I had gone mud bogging. At first I was a little confused, but after a quick look in the garage I understood. The lower half of my car was encrusted with mud and it was dripping off the tires in chunks into the newly cleaned out garage. Oops. It was worth it, totally and completely worth it - because I got to be a little crazy that afternoon and chase rainbows in the mud.


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