Office Chair Makeover


When I moved away from TN and went to college my mother purchased this yellow chair. About seven years later when Mathew and I bought our first place in Atlanta I begged her for it. It's incredibly comfy and the back support is amazing. Over the years though it's glory has faded, the fabric has been shredded by our cats and the spring/seat has started to break down. For several years now I have been looking for a good upholsterer to repair my dreary yellow chair.


Last year I found this black print on natural canvas by Alexander Henry (Sofia) at J.Caroline Creative and I bought several yards. I have a soft spot in my heart for fabric and I figured even if I didn't use it on the chair I would use it somewhere!!

Early last week (on a recommendation from Bird Dog Press), I contacted Bill Adams and sent him a picture of the chair plus a picture of the new fabric I wanted to use. On Thursday he came by and we talked about the other things I had in mind: adding black welting to define the edges, new support for the seat, the springs needed adjusting and most importantly - uncovering the legs and having them stained or painted black. I handed over the new fabric, waved goodbye to the sad yellow chair and I didn't think I would see it until the end of next week.

This morning I received a message that not only was the chair done, but they were going to bring it by today if that was alright! That's fine with me!!

She arrived back home today and let me tell you, she is a knockout! The worn yellow fabric is gone, black welting now defines her curves, the seat has been reinforced, the springs retied and her fabulous legs have been uncovered! She had an extreme 3 day makeover and is a bold addition to my office. I do believe she is ready to dazzle during client meetings.

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