Cleaning out the Closet

Personally, I think this is pretty neat.

Since I don't get back to Nashville very often I decided that while I was there I would clean out my old bedroom closet. And when I opened the door there it was… hanging upside down in exactly the same place where I had placed it some 5 1/2 years earlier. My wedding bouquet. It may not have been as bright as it was the day I married my husband, but it was still beautiful to me. As soon as I touched it, the petals began to fall. And once I got it untied, I gently laid it on the bed and grabbed my camera. Unfortunately, it was so delicate that I finally had to part with it, but what a great memory of that wonderful day in May.

my wedding bouquet on 05.01.04 & 01.16.10 (I found out I was pregnant 2 days later!)


Big Update

Happy 63rd Dad