New Product: Madera Books

For over a year, OVER a YEAR, I have been searching, sampling, testing & generally wasting my time and money on finding the best album company to use for my business. And last year I was pregnant and crazy and hormonal and that made my searching extra fun! I was discouraged by every route I took and it felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall every few weeks. Because what I wanted was something different. Something easy, straight forward, fabulous in style & quality and something I would be over-the-moon INSANELY proud to offer my clients and stand behind 100%.

sidenote: I started my career as a designer, with a focus on print work and I eventually became an Art Director. The press checks, the feel of the papers, the smell of the ink as you turn the page… it's what drives me. I love the ability to hold something tangible at the end of the process. It's extremely important to me that the final printed product be just as awesome as what's being printed on it. Otherwise, what's the point?

So, at the very end of last year while my husband was on vacation helping with our then 3 month old, I started an account with an album company and almost immediately it didn't feel right. It wasn't how I wanted to work and I knew it. I needed simple. And oh look, there was that damn brick wall again. Sigh. Lots and lots of sighs.

All the while, my Twitter feed was buzzing about a new project by photographer Michael Norwood that was soon to launch. I knew he had been working hard on something and I was looking forward to his announcement. But I had NO idea my album quest was about to abruptly come to an end. He might as well have just ridden up to my front porch on a white horse the day he announced Madera Books. My first thought was that he had been secretly living inside my brain for a year because he knew every single one of my frustrations. Turns out, a lot of us have those same frustrations and I'm so very thankful Michael had a vision for a better album company and made it happen. The customer service is stellar, the ordering is ridiculously easy and the quality is beyond amazing. Is it just a little dramatic to say that Michael Norwood is my new hero? Possibly. But it's true. It's oh so true.

They are handmade, they come in a plethora of sizes & colors and they simply feel amazing to hold. All albums are custom designed in-house by moi and if you'd like a cover photo or an inscription, then you can have that too. The pages are nice & thick, flush mounted, protected with a UV coating and the teeny tiny gutter won't ruin your double page spreads. If you are a photographer you can stop searching for the perfect album company, because you just found it.

I am beyond thrilled that Little Leaf Studios now offers Madera albums. And not only do we offer albums, we offer kick ass ones. Albums that you will LOVE and treasure for many years to come.

presentation box & inset cover photo:

imprinting on album spine:

lay-flat binding:

thick pages:

teeny tiny gutter:

Little Bunny

Little Bunny

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