Newborn Photography / Maribelle

Way back in my college days… between attending classes at SCAD, I worked for a small retail company in City Market. During my breaks, I grabbed lunch or dinner (mostly from The Lady & Sons) and wandered around all the shops. I always gravitated to this one shop owner who created the most unique jewelry & illustrations that really captured a little piece of my heart. After many trips over to her place, I finally and somewhat ridiculously blurted out, "I NEED TO KNOW YOU." And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I was there in Savannah when she married Tim. Years later she stood by me in Nashville when I married Mathew. Distance has never derailed us though we have lived mostly apart from one another. I moved from Savannah to Atlanta. She moved to Houston. I moved to Colorado. And for just a short 18 months she moved to Colorado before moving back East! I'm so happy our paths crossed again and I got a chance to spend some time with her. She now has two beautiful girls, big-sis Olympia & new baby Maribelle, that I was fortunate to photograph recently.

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