20 wks

Our 20 week appointment was on May 12 and the night before there was a snowstorm in the forecast with an estimate of 8-14" of snow. IN MAY. My mom was visiting from Nashville, so in the morning the three of us headed down to Boulder… in the snow.

My ultrasound was pretty long and they measured all kinds of baby parts. Since my appt was early in the morning, I hadn't had quite enough water yet in my system so they weren't able to get all the measurements they wanted so I get another scan at my next visit. Also, the baby was very quiet that morning and not very active and the tech even said she may not be able to tell the gender because as we could all see, it had it's little legs crossed. All I could think was, "that's why I'm here, I want to know!" I really was enjoying watching the monitor though and anytime you can see your baby like that it's a small blessing.

I laid on my back, I laid on my side, I laid back on my back and again on my side. Finally, the tech suggested I drink some juice and she brought me back a Capri Sun that tasted like I was sucking on a sugar cube it was so sweet. I asked how quickly it would get into my system and she said, "oh, immediately." And wouldn't you know, a few seconds later the baby started moving around and she was able to tell that it was a BOY!

We all called Mat's mom from the car and told her the news and later that day my mom & I celebrated by getting mani pedis. What a great day!

water water everywhere

Working on the nursery