8 wks

On February 16, after two confirmed blood tests, I had my first baby doc appointment at 8 weeks.

(side note) I was really nauseous that morning. In fact, I was nauseous all day every day from 6-11 weeks. NOT. FUN. AT. ALL. If I blinked, walked, ate, didn't eat, or moved my body at all - I wanted to puke. In addition, I had an extreme case of extreme fatigue. So I slept… a lot. How can you sleep all night and be up for three hours and then be SO sleepy you have to close your eyes or you think you will die. Yes, it was indeed that dramatic. But on March 11, a Thursday, I woke up for the first time in weeks and felt human. I remember the exact day because I sat up in bed and there was no nausea! Holy sweetness I was back! (I still have icky random moments of it, but thankfully it's not all day everyday anymore)!

Anyway, back to Feb 16… Mathew and I had to meet with a lady and answer a bunch of health history questions before they did the ultrasound, but eventually we made it back to the room and I was extremely anxious. I've had a miscarriage before and I just wanted everything to be fine and normal. I was laying on the table nervously staring at the ceiling and not wanting to look at the monitor until she found a heartbeat. And pretty quickly into the exam she said, "look, there's your baby." Mathew was already looking and then I finally looked and the combination of hearing those words and seeing that little tiny flicker of a heartbeat sent my tears flowing to the point I couldn't see. I laid back and couldn't stop crying and Mathew said, "you better look" and between tears I cried, "I can't." The doc said she wasn't going to keep it up all day so I cleaned up my face and asked her to show me again and she happily did. Mathew helped prop me up and we soaked in every little second of that moment.

He was definitely my rock that day.

11 wks

This time it was positive