Getting Here: Part Two.

In January of 2009, I had a possible second miscarriage. I say possible because we will never really know. I had all the same symptoms as before, but technically my blood work was negative. My PCP was quick to dismiss it as "no," but I felt so strongly that it could be happening again because it felt just the same.

So that was it. That was the proverbial straw. I finally decided to seek additional medical help with an actual OBGyn and I found a great place in Boulder that listened to my issues and suggested Mathew and I both get tested because 50% of the time it's a problem with the guy. Ok, excellent. Progress. Tests!!

Mathew checked out fine… OF COURSE IT WOULD BE ME. I was tested for several things including my progesterone level on day 21 of my cycle. And what do you know, it came back REALLY low. Well, at least we knew. My doc also talked about AI, IVF & IUI and feeling overwhelmed and not even sure I wanted to head down THOSE paths, I decided the best thing for me was to try taking the progesterone supplement (Prometrium) and see what happened. I started taking it in Feb '09 and I took it three times a day like clockwork. At first I really had some side effects: hot flashes, fatigue, having period-like symptoms with no period (ya, that was a fun one). It did it's job though. My cycles lengthened after a while and my luteal phase got longer. Yay!

A few months into taking the prometrium the side effects leveled out and I really didn't notice I was taking it three times a day. The instructions were simple: take it until you start your period and if you don't start then keep taking it because you might be pregnant and you don't want to stop taking something your body needs to sustain a healthy womb.

Flashing forward through 2009… Nothing was happening, but I felt like I was doing the right thing for me. I'm not sure all the other medical interventions were in my deck of life cards - so I was really hoping the progesterone would be what worked for me. We discussed other ways of making a family, including adoption. It's certainly something I considered and still consider for our future.

A year into taking the prometrium, I was starting to loose a little hope. And during a trip to Nashville in January of this year as noted here, I was even talking to friends about our next steps and where we would go from here at this one year mark because I wasn't sure it was working.

Well the laughs were definitely on me… on my return home I had the positive test.

As instructed, I kept taking the meds through my first trimester because by then the placenta takes over the job. It was actually hard for me to come off the med because it had become such a routine for me and I thought something bad was going to happen to the baby once I stopped. Instead of quitting cold turkey, my doc suggested I ween myself off it. So that's what I did. And by week 14 I had completely stopped taking it.

Here we are on this crazy wild ride and looking back on how we got here makes me appreciate the moment even more. Cheers to us for finally getting here.

What glow?

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