This time it was positive

We had been trying to get pregnant for years (a story I will share soon - it's a novel) so I had seen my fair share of negative tests, but this day was very different. The test was positive. And of course I took pictures of it! In fact, I took MANY (many tests AND many pictures), but I'll just share the one.

And here's how we found out I was pregnant…

I had gone to Nashville in January to visit friends & family and upon my return to Colorado, Mathew picked me up at the airport. As we were walking out to the car I mentioned I was "late" and he gave me a look. I'm not exactly sure what kind of look it was, but it was definitely a look.

The next day was MLK, Jr. Day and we decided to clean out the basement. We went and picked up shelves to help our organizing efforts and on the way home I casually mentioned we should go by a drug store. So we did.

When we got home, Mathew started chipping some ice off the driveway on that unseasonably warm January day. Sounds glamorous doesn't it? I took the test and it immediately turned positive. So did I think of some creative & clever way to tell Mathew? NO. I ran across the house, threw open the garage door and yelled MATHEW! And that was it, he knew.

We never made it to the basement.

(Currently I'm well into my second trimester so these first posts are just me catching up on life!)

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