snug as a bug in a blanket

While mom was in town a couple weeks ago, I bought some really cute flannel and made a few blankets on my serger. I have very limited sewing skills and I stick to pretty basic things like pillows & straight lines. I do enjoy doing a lot of detail hand work like beading, etc for crafts, but I leave more complicated things to people who know what they are doing.

I've had my serger & sewing machine for many years and it was really nice to put them back to work… especially while making something for the boy. I varied my thread colors on the edges so each one (with the exception of the white blankets) is different.

I still need to finish off the edges, but I absolutely LOVE how they came out.

This one is definitely my favorite! I used two different patterns and backed them together so it's reversible and extra precious.

These took no time at all to finish. In fact, it took longer to thread the machine each time I switched thread colors than it did to actually sew them. However, I did spend the better part of a day fighting with the machine because my threads kept breaking and jamming (this was after it WAS working). It took finding the manual to get rolling again. Who knew I was threading it backwards, oops.

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