What glow?

It clearly must have been a man who coined the term "pregnancy glow" because I have done anything but glow. I have dark circles under my eyes thanks to increased blood flow in my veins, my body is changing and stretching, sleeping has finally proved to be a challenge and from the beginning of all this I've had really dry skin. I mean insanely dry. SO dry that when I wake up in the morning or get out of the shower it looks like I have dried drool on my face. Picture that for a moment. Gross. I even use moisturizer every day! I've also had a few bad heat rashes on my arms. Living in a dry climate and starting my pregnancy in the winter doesn't help much either. Now that it's getting warmer it hasn't been quite as bad, but I basically live with a bottle of lotion within my grasp. I'm kind of partial to Aveeno - especially on my arms & hands.

Gilbert the Sock Frog

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