Belly kicks

Last night I was sitting down and not really paying attention to my stomach when out of nowhere the baby kicked hard and I swore I saw my stomach move out of the corner of my eye. I sat there and stared at my belly for a minute and he did it again and this time I did see my belly move! That's a new one!

Tonight, he was very active again & after several attempts, Mathew finally got to feel him kick my belly for the first time. I'm so glad he FINALLY got to feel a fraction of what I've been feeling for weeks!

In other news, today was supposed to be our first 3D/4D ultrasound, but we have a very bashful child. He had both his hands and even a foot in front of him and there was no getting him to move. He was also looking a little towards my back so that made it even more difficult to get any really good pics of him. The good news is that I can go back in for a complimentary rescan at the end of next week. Maybe he'll be more cooperative then as he tends to prefer the afternoons & evenings for his moving & kicking times. He's not a morning person at all (at least for now) and neither am I (but I'm sure I will be). :)

(24 weeks)

24 wks

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