30 wks

We went to our second (and last) 3D ultrasound yesterday & here are a few pics from our session. We opted to do the two scans so we could see how much he had grown… plus it's just so darn cool to watch him move. I can't wait to meet him and for Mathew to hold him.

 Here you can see a little of his forehead, eyes & nose.

It's been hard to see him because of the way he's positioned - plus he's always facing the placenta which just adds to the amount of tissue to scan through.

He LOVES his hands around his face. Here you can see his little hand with his fingers spread out covering his face as usual… though if you look hard enough you can see his eye & mouth.

Here he is all squished.

Ok, I'm not kidding… we were watching him move around and all of a sudden we saw a foot up around his mouth like he was trying to eat it. Can they even do that in the womb?! It sure did look like it to us and the technician. In this pic, his mouth is closed, but we saw him open his mouth and try to get that foot in there a couple of times. Silly Boy!

Our crib was also delivered yesterday so hopefully I'll have pics of that soon! As soon as Mathew puts it together that is. :)

Where did my feet go?

28 wks