Baby Updates

It's been a very long week full of baby news and I'm going to try and get you all caught up. You may have seen a version of the following in an email I sent around last week and if I personally haven't been able to fill you in on what's going on it's because I'm resting as much as possible.

So, last Wednesday (the 18th), I went in for a regular check up with the baby doc that quickly turned into a trip over to Labor & Delivery (L&D). My blood pressure was really high and my doc wanted me monitored for a few hours to see if it would come down as well as to have my blood drawn and checked for preeclampsia. My veins were very uncooperative and it took 3 nurses 6 total attempts to locate a good one. Yeah, not fun. In addition, I had to start a 24hr urine collection so they could check that for protein as well. (I had to do this in my 8th week as well just so they could have a baseline of numbers for me… it's pretty glamorous).

My bp came down a little, but it still wasn't the best. However, my blood work came back normal and the baby looked great so they sent me home. Friday of that week (the 20th) I had a follow up appointment and found out my urine results went over the preeclampsia limit by 3 points. The limit is 300, I was 303. Grrrrrr. Between the bp readings and that number, I was told I have mild preeclampsia. The treatment for now is bed rest and try as best as I can to get this baby to 37 weeks. Ideally, I could go to my due date, but it's too much of a risk to me so if I've learned anything during all this it's to be flexible. I was also told to come in twice a week now for non-stress tests (NSTs) to check the baby and I keep doing 24hr urine collections once a week.

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week (the 24th). I had an ultrasound in the morning and they checked the baby's weight & growth. They estimated his weight that day at 6lbs 12oz and he's in the 96% for height meaning… he might be pretty darn long and he's had some good growth since my last ultrasound 3 weeks ago. They checked my fluid levels again and they looked great and the blood flow to him looked good too. So basically, our baby is doing better than I am.

Later that afternoon, I had my first NST of the week which went great. The tests are the easiest thing in the world. They basically just listen to the baby's heartbeat for 15-20 minutes and monitor me for any contractions while I'm reclined. See, easy. The baby? Again, looked good. Then I went and had my bp checked and what do ya know… it was high. So again, I was sent over to L&D to be monitored and again the nurses needed to draw blood. Ugh. I requested the nurse who had eventually found my vein last time, but it still took her 3 attempts. They started really freaking me out when they started talking about possibly starting an IV just in case I needed it. No, that's not stressful at all… am I not supposed to be calm and letting my bp come down? Sheesh.

My blood work that day came back a little bit more elevated than last time, but still within normal limits. My bp did eventually come down a little, but again not much. About 7:00 that night I was able to go home and continue the bed rest. Again, I started a 24hr urine collection and that got turned in yesterday (no results on that yet). Tomorrow, I have another check up & NST so I'm really hoping all goes well and I don't have to go back over to L&D. I'll update more when I know more!

I'm officially scheduled for an induction on Sept 7… which is coming up fast.

Baby Updates #2

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