In non-crafty news

Let's see… I'm halfway through my 33rd week and feeling every bit of it. For several weeks, baby boy has been pressing the back of his head into my left hip (or groin if you want specifics). And frankly, it's been horrible. I've asked my doc about it twice now, and the conclusion is that it's a ligament… which is perfectly understandable. What isn't helping is the fact I've always had tender ligaments there and since they are getting stretched, well, it's just not pleasant. The good news is that over the last couple of days he's really been moving a lot and I think he might have moved off that spot (for now).

At my 30 week check-up, I had grown quite a bit compared to my other visits. So at last weeks check-up (32 wks), they did an ultrasound to check his growth. He's measuring & weighing in at 5 lbs (as of last week) which is a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. They had mentioned to us the possibility of inducing me around 37 weeks if it looked like he was going to be upwards of 10lbs! He's in the 79% percentile for growth right now meaning he's growing faster than average. It could have just been a single growth spurt or the trend could continue so they want to do another scan at 36 weeks and check him again. He's definitely getting stronger and we no longer need to actually touch my stomach to feel him move… we can simply watch it move! It's a very strange & beautiful thing.

The nursery is coming along nicely and as soon as I have a few more things put in their place, I'll post updated pictures. I put together the bouncy seat last week and Mathew put the swing together. The glider gets delivered tomorrow and thanks to Mathew's grandmother & mom we finally have a crib mattress (the bedding will be here soon too)! 

Here I am at 32 weeks sending you all kisses!

"You are SO pregnant"

Taggie Blanket