Way back in September…

I thought I would go back a couple of months and share a few of my favorite pics of us from the hospital. One day, when I have oodles of time to write, I'll share my birth story. Until then, I'm going to try and play catch up!

For more current photos (that I update more regularly), visit beckettray.com

Birth Stats
born: 09/08/10
time: 10:10pm
weight: 7lbs 7oz
length: 20.5 in.
head: 13 7/8 in.

Just minutes old

His tiny fingernails were even smaller than I could have imagined.

Cuddle Bug

This was actually taken after we got home, but I love it.

The loves of my life.

Our view from the recovery room. Not too shabby!

Welcome to the world Beckett.

Beckett's Birth Announcement

When I was still pregnant