Hello & Welcome


Hello & Welcome! 

Little Leaf Studios is a photography & graphic design studio located in Winchester, MA and owned by Amanda Jaynes-Ray, that's me! I enjoy creating lifestyle portraits of mothers-to-be, babies & children, engaged couples and occasionally I photograph weddings. I bring over a decade of design & art direction experience to all of my photography sessions and I also enjoy helping local businesses who want to enhance their community presence with fresh photography & marketing solutions.


The Nitty Gritty…

I love photographing people, designing logos & all things print related. I have a deep appreciation for beautiful typography & letterpress printing and I secretly want to own my own press. My obsession for vintage cameras & old wood type runs deep. I've seen every episode of The Office & I have a serious addiction to chai lattes.

Nashville, Tennessee is my hometown & I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. My husband & I lived in Atlanta for five years before making Colorado our home in 2007. I'm a mom to a wonderful boy named Beckett & little girl Ruby. And although we live just outside of Boston, MA now - I will always be a Southern girl at heart.

Growing up, I tinkered with my dad's collection of Canon cameras. These days, I shoot with a Nikon that I adore. I owe my creativity to very loving & supportive parents that encouraged me to be an artist. I look forward to Spring as much as snowy Winter mornings. I'm fond of vintage fabrics as much as modern architecture. But most of all, I simply love to create things & I'm dedicated to capturing life's little moments… especially yours.

- Amanda Jaynes-Ray



Recent photos taken with my phone, usually of my kids.